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The Story Of Us

It all started in 7th grade. John and Mark formed a band called They Might Be Migets. They only had one real song entitled "they might be migets" (go figure).

Matt joined john when he was still a miget, and they decided to keep Mark, because they thought he might be of some use. At the time they were, a
pianist(mark) a vocalist(john)and a trashcan(matt).

Then one day Matt decided to play the guitar. He thought he'd get more chicks that way. Then they were a pianist(mark) a vocalist(john) and a guitarist(matt).

They were desperately in need of a drummer and a bass player. They decided to advertise auditions, which were held in john's garage. There were only 3 people who auditioned. Only two had faces. That is when they found Marty and Ted.So they were they were a pianist(mark) a vocalist(john)a guitarist(matt) a bassist (ted) and a drummer(marty).