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i read physical science first
and from t here i hunted down all of his books
and eventually decoded the secret messages in them to discover his true identity
i know the message in the health book
the classic message
why don't you recite it for our ally in glencoe
"aLwayS WeaR YoUR seeTbeLt wEn yoU riDe iN a VehICLE"
ah it warms my heart
he shows the loev
hey he spells when "wen" what a ghetto robot
and seetbelt
i was just explaining the time glencoe came to OLGC during the book fair and tried to sell his books
and the children erupted in cheers for the honesty and valour of glencoe
i've read most of glencoe's books
ReigunRed: i think that health might be the best

i heard that glencoe is actually a sentinent robot that is super smart and writes textbooks for money

he may or may not be located on an island in the south pacific

glencoe may only want peace for all humanity or he may want to consolidate his power for world domination

legend of glencoe?

at the beginning of the universe, glencoe was his own dimension
he was everything, and everything was him
he was content
then, when the stars aligned in our dimension, a peephole opened from glencoe's universe into our universe
all of a sudden, there was something new for glencoe to explore
with his omnipotent power, glencoe learned everything about our world
in the modern day, using his massive knowledge, glencoe writes textbooks for grade school children
and brings peace to the world
but some say that he is merely consolidating his power for world domination
which brings us to the present day
by the way glencoe is a super smart robot

which may or may not consist of only a head
no pictures of him are available

i heard glencoe can be found anywhere children are in trouble, like a super hero for little children