History (continued)
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The band was doing well. Until the one day when it all fell apart.

Marty missed the tour bus when he fell asleep at Taco Bell. Ted wanted to turn back but when we noticed that Marty wasn't in our company. Ted wound himself in a spider web of 7up and Archie comics.

Struck with grief Mark left the band. He refused to come to band practice and locked himself in his room. It seemed it was just John and Matt.

But not for long. Matt couldn't handle the pressure of playing three instruments and fired John Althen.

But now After 6 months apart, They are back, and better than ever.

John Althen takeing up the new idenity of Hard core rapper,French Toast, is now on Bass, and backing vocals.

Matt, now known as Ink, has moved up to guitar, and lead vocals.

Mark Is back in the band, and back on the board of keys.

W recruited new backing guitar, Wet Bug, aka Billy Miossi.

We recently got phil, bassist for asb, as our new drummer, we are searching for a new singer but we are content with what we have now.