Behind the Music
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The Real Glencoe Stop
The story your government
doesn't want you to hear.

French Toast
The Brains Behind The Opperation.
Toast was born into a very musical family. Following in the footsteps of his brothers Human Factor and Velvet Defoe, he brings an important aspect to the band-talent. Just like the great ones Mike Manring, and Jaco Pestorius, Toast can keep a mad beat. Mixing the fat licks from Primas, with the meanness of Marlyn Manson, he's one unstoppable force. But his life wasn't always this happy. His father a famous astronaut and rapper, was called to travel into the future and he took his family with him. They traveled light years into the future, and crash landed on some strange planet. Toast went exploreing and foud himself at the age of 24. And then he went back and sent his dad back to stop the mission.(for more information see the movie lost in space)When toast returned, he was in third grade so he went to OLGC school. He was safe from space creatures and all that but he wasn't truely safe...
inK was the one who truely saved Toast's life. How? you might ask... from Geekidous. It's a very sad tale but one that must be told.
Toast was never the one to stand up to anyone. A quiet young boy who was never really noticed. In third grade he be-friended young JC, a class mate who toast thought was a very nice boy.But not after long JC would find refuge on the darkside.He turned against young toast calling him such names as the "gas man" and "gas master" and other highly thought-out names.These names hit hard to the young child,a young child with an uncontrolable spinctor. But inK was there.
The pretty boy.
Not the best musician, not the best voice. But i guess somehow it works. Isn't into complex riffing, or insane solos. He just likes simple easy melodies. most people do not know it but inK was the real person who wrote the songs "road trip"-for surefire plan, and "road trippin"-for the red hot chillie peppers. He also invented rocks, but that is a whole different story-story.

Born half boy half robot, inK was the first, and the last cyborg created for the use of janitorial work. He grew up in alaska, learning the true was of eskimo witch craft. After discovering his true calling inK began to play soccer all the time. He went on the win the NESLC(National Eskimo Soccer Leauge for Cyborgs)three years straight. He Became ignorent to the fact that his arms had become obsoleet. He needed to choose an activity where they would be used more. he took up the banjo,moved to nebraska and soon picked up the guitar. He quickly masterad all techniques possible for useding this instrument. He toured with the early Rage Against the Machine, back then there was no tom morello, and they were call "Mad At The Government Cause it Sucks" they failed to cut more then a demo, so inK left the struggleing band and decided to go to school, where he met French Toast (we kno how that turned out) And with ink's encouragement Toast picked the bass.

The Punk.
With the lack of a drummer they were nothin but two kids sitting around and getting high of a humidifyer. That is where Phil comes in-"The Irish Tornado" as he was often referred to at his old boxing camp.
Not always rock musician, dj spike grew up in the canidain ghetto. Original master of the one and two, Spike could scratch it up with the best of them. He was the one who first taught the art to grand master flash. He soon grew tired of the tables and vinal-and moved down to VA. He joined a band called Gurgles Revenge....and got kicked out. the lead singer of Gurgles Revenge, Stew-bot says "he was just two loud, and we couldn't practice over all his noise". Sadened by the rejection he moved in the dc and played the buckets outside of redskins stadium. One happy day, he was drumming away when he came across a young boy, who said his name was french toast, the boy told him about a spot open in a band. Phil robbed a bank and went to jail for 7 years. and when he got out he joined Glencoe stop. And here we are now.


Wet Bug

The dreamer. Billy "Wet Bug" Butthead was born in Ethiopia in 1979. He was born of a Virgin mother which makes his the second person ever to not have a father who isn't also a God. While some say the Wet one himself is the second comming, others insist that he is really just the first comming. After moving to America, Wet Bug started preaching and traveling around the east coast. He started writing songs on a drum machine and soon switched to guitar. He was practicing a song called "In the morning sweet butterfly cream" when French Toest was walking through the Glyndon park. The sat on the swings for hours and after they wasted some wendels, it was obvious to Toest what had to be done. Wet Bug is the newest member of Glencoe stop. Even though Buggie is the new Messiah, that does not mean he can not be put on probation.