Favorite Links
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This is John in his car.

Good Links
message board it kicks ass

Sure-Fire Plan Very good local band, with such dance hits as "road trip" and "drop out".
Red Head Nation Another local band, they are changeing their name i think, so check out the site and i'll keep you posted
ANtI-SoCiaL BRigAdE They have a fun guestbook, for all those people who like writeing in all caps, feel free to go there.

John Mabie's Web Site!!
Get up close and personal with Glencoe's very own lead guitarist,Ink
Zambonis one of matt's favorite bands, they just came out with a new cd, you should check it out, it kicks.
Hot 2 Def Here's hot 2 def's real home page.
Human Factor Toast's brother's site, it's pretty dank.